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Re: James Seemore Invitation(one more thing)

Posted by on October 30, 2005 at 02:16:10

In Reply to: Re: James Seemore Invitation posted by Clark3000 on October 30, 2005 at 02:04:17:

The teens in TF are good kids, and a few of mine are still in, and they like to see their friends, so the camps they have sometimes are good for that, and the people who organize them try to do their best to
help them, but the requirements have gotten nearly
impossible for everone to go. Now they only want those teens who are sold out to TF to go. They do this by making it a requirenment that if a teen wants to go to the teen camp, they have to go witnessing, meet a sheep, get them saved and follow up on them, and write a testimony about it. And if the teen shepherds think it is good enough they can go. The kids look forward to these times of fellowship, and they are few and far between,
but many could not go, and had to miss it because
they could not meet the requirement in time. This is heart breaking for some of the teens and the only time they can get to see some of their friends. Those who are more outgoing, made it, but the shyer ones , or ones that are not so outgoing
could not make it, since they were required to do it themselves and not have an experienced adult
help them with it. This is how TF trains the young people now as missionaries. Its no longer getting the young people together to have fun, they are trying to make soldiers out of them without considering their feelings or if they ever get to meet their friends or not.They also are required to read a long list of GNs on the latest topics and get behind all the pushes in TF.These are kids, not adults, but they treat them with the same standard and expect them to toe the line as adults just the same. So TF is against child abuse are they?