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Re: on target

Posted by 52 cents on October 30, 2005 at 17:38:23

In Reply to: on target posted by excog on October 30, 2005 at 14:45:32:

---I have always maintained that the most important point in exposing TF (from Berg on) is to focus on the human rights and practical issues, not ideological and religious points, because the realm there is so foggy and relativistic, there is no point to the conversation. ---

I agree with you on this point. Family members should have not worry or hide as long as they operate within the law if they live and profit from living in this democratic world, but if they break the law, must pay the price like all the others do.

The family believe also in strict rules, punishments for the offenders, probations, re-training, and so on, on its own people, and I think it's fair.

Problem with the innocent (I'd say those on the field sincerely doing good work - with their idea on good) members could be from deeply rooted teachings of "the family members are exceptions from the law of this world".

People can lie, but "lying" will be punished in the society if they are caught, and should be willing to pay the price for it, children should be taught, when they are caught, it's not "persecution".

For example, getting donation from people is a fraud, if they are not used for its intended purpose.

I definitely think though the problem lies with the leaderships not its members, members may still pay the minor price for few practical matters like changes of life style which all of us exers had to go through, but some may have to pay higher prices whatever meaning that will be.

I know everybody knows this, but just a reminder.