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Re: A few thoughts

Posted by Goth88 on November 02, 2005 at 12:07:54

In Reply to: Re: A few thoughts posted by ray on November 02, 2005 at 10:36:16:

When reading through the threads surrounding this subject, it stands out to me that certain people were targeted to rant at and some are being pitted against each other. The ones that asked hard questions usually asked these questions in a "civil" manner.
I don't consider the talk shows (Montel comes to mind) as pep rallies for apostates. -The NZ 60 minutes did a great job too. I consider Montel to be someone that did a very good job of informing the public of the plight of those surviving the Family having grown up in it AS WELL AS how those interviewed have gone on to higher education having left TF with an eigth grade level education. One to become a lawyer. Reminds me of "Sleepers". Only hopefully with a more hopeful outcome. One more likely to happen when the general public is awakened to the true nature of the beast.
I didn't see ill will against JS for coming here as a "current member" but rather I question plainly "Why are you here James?"
If the purpose is to establish a dialogue, reach across that -great divide- then it is reasonable to assume a person will be defensive of TF. There is a keen difference though between being defensive and advocating for it saying it is safe for kids and has changed. That is where I pay a whole lot more attn to what people who have recently left are saying.
If I were a drug addict in a Narcotics Anonymous meeting and I wanted to tell people about a wonderful new and safer brand of heroin that doesn't harm kids and then trash a few ex addicts that reacted to that, I don't think it would be comfortable for me in that meeting. But if a heroin addict came in and told people that he or she was having a hard time to quit yet said it was the best thing ever to happen in their life but you are aware they are hurting some, peple would say "Keep coming back".
It makes sense that people here want to be supportive of someone having just left or thinking about leaving AND it also makes sense that people are leary of someone who touts a new and improved version of TF.
Someone posted awhile back and was inconsistent in their syntax. I am seeing the same thing here with "it don't" or "it ain't" in one post and then a much higher level of communicating in another. That is weird too.
Well I guess it takes all kinds. It's a good thing that we all don't have to see things the same or take them the same now, imo.