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Re: I don't doubt Eva's story

Posted by Farmer on November 06, 2005 at 18:04:02

In Reply to: I don't doubt Eva's story posted by Goth88 on November 06, 2005 at 16:59:11:

PLEASE, just don't say it didn't happen. It did. It came from the top, David Berg, and it was enforced depending upon which leadership a person was around or what a person was like in their own home.

Tx. for replying, it's under my post, so I figure, it must be in response to what I wrote???
Just to be I respond, presuming that you mean me: I never said, sexual abuse of minors didn't happen, please quote me from anywhere on the boards & that is of the last 2-3 years...sorry, you got mixed up...what I said ...please read my post again... is summed up in the following: prior to 89 (Combovision) the access of pervy uncles & aunties to the poor sheep, their prey...I have a hard time writing it...the toddlers & 4-5 year old...was rather limited, due to the fact, that those kids were under the care of their parents or fosterparents
etc...also I have never been to any get togethers, come-unions & the like, where kids were present, I had one experience, a GAFM in Delhi area 82/83, which was basically a giant
mateswapping & me as a single pretty much felt like in the wrong movie, non really there I felt
comfortable with...but look, that's all about adults & although I see it as a big mistake of mine, I could also fill the lines all about FFing & that my first mate, an Indian disciple got fished out by a "huge" fish....we know least I know very close about these things...I never argued about these things...not every FFer was a child molester...see???

What irks me is this conclusion/logic I see creeping in more & more: the climate was so bad, every adult thought about sex all the time, also with kids....hell no.I tell you what: I had lots
of desire to meet a pretty outsider, a female, who would have loved to live for Jesus,the way I thought then, but TG, they were smarter.FFing was a wrong concept, but in that regard "I liked it".It took me long to get rid of these bad habits.

But we're not talking about it.We're talking about the chances, that many kids age 4 onwards
(sad to say even younger than this) got sexually abused (I am not talking about the spiritual etc.
abuse either or corporal punishment...mind you)

So who could that be?You didn't really answer that.My conclusion was,probably people related to the children, who had access.In German society they found, that most child abusers are found in the vicinity of the victims, very often relatives.
It's just an explanation I offered.At least it fits the area I lived in.One Dutch childcare helper I knew from India, Ruth by name then, I would never consider a molester.So please solve the question instead of listing all the abuse -climate-indicators I am already long time aware off.