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Re: Can't get your story/question/statement

Posted by Farmer on November 08, 2005 at 02:10:34

In Reply to: Re: Can't get your story/question/statement posted by unbe lie vable on November 07, 2005 at 18:58:41:

My first assumption was you could be an SGA...
my regrets for you in that case, but apparently you don't do any reading of the whole post, before you start accusing someone.To get through to you must be difficult.I neither denied abuse of minors, nor in the particular case of Eva St. John..or let's put it that way, I give her all the benefits of the doubts, why should she mention anything that heavy than what she did experience?...I simply must believe her...however you didn't get me at all...I assume you're so full of rage, you cannot see my point: It benefits the SGAs, all the opponents of TF, including me, IMHO, if they get their stories as detailed as possible together...any good historian would do it, ask Albatross, he studies it & I am fond of it myself.Even good journalism should do all the probing, much more an investigation.I personally would gain from it, where on the groundlevel it went haywire..,.we're not talking about WS got that??Fine!

You like wordgames? Me too, unbe lie vable...I believed too many I care for many details nowadays, where I can get a better view of things.Well, it might not be easy for the victims as the repost from Daniel at movingon seems to indicate...that's tough, but you see, Natalie & Eve proved, that it did happen, but I would be happy to know where & when.Is that so hard for you to unbelievable?
You're starting to get unbelievable for my own insinuate, distort & make up your own story from my post...hey, you aren't a politician or a journalist?...hardly a nature scientist.By the way my handle is very consistent over the years, yours we know even less about least there's a link on another board where anybody is welcome to look up some more...where is your profile?...
You're a black kettle & yes, I am a black pan.Thank the way, we cannot post at should know that by now, if you're a bit informed, it's run by TF...