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Re: Can't get your story/question/statement

Posted by Farmer on November 08, 2005 at 03:32:02

In Reply to: Re: Can't get your story/question/statement posted by unbe lie vable on November 07, 2005 at 18:58:41:

You're so screwed up in your assumptions, that you might want to settle down with some nice tea to relax or whatever else helps you...first, I don't have any a n y - please read it aloud,it helps you to get my point - contact, by
phone, mail, email or personal with any tithing member since 12/13 going wild in your assumptions you only discredit yourself...

Also I believe in honesty...I spoke about my past to mean they care all about the details, those who cared read stuff in the internet & asked me questions, however loved me nonetheless.What have you expected in a world full of other criminals, that people fall stricken to the ground or what?And sad to say it's not use at all anymore...after Ricky's death I wrote to at least a dozen newspapers in my country & got no reply...was no news from what I gathered???By the way, I joined
why can't I explain the circumstances of joining & getting some understanding?I did & people have some understanding, yes & with some of my colleagues I talked about it too, who wanted to know, what I had done in India...
Come on, you sound like looking for the beam & or
splinter, whatever you prefer, but please accept, that according to "my book" you have something in your eye too ...can't escape the definition of the sinner either by the very high may be you want to calm down??