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Re: Abuse behind closed doors

Posted by Farmer on November 10, 2005 at 13:51:53

In Reply to: Abuse behind closed doors posted by Observer on November 10, 2005 at 11:58:23:

The whole thing is more than complex.For one I find myself having had this false tolerance, reading things contrary to my upbringing & the things I read in the Bible, but that got "reinterpreted"...sure, he is that prophet...Davidito was treated with perfect love, that's the way I construed things in my mind...I also had this old habit of not questioning so much of what others did, as long as people didn't suffer too much & seemed happy.

The kids I met in TF didn't look traumatised, from what I thought...worse it was in the 3 month Comboexperience I had in Madras, where the young kids really wanted to be with their parents & I didn't blame them at all.

As I was single for very long, I didn't have a chance to get to know much about couples private lives...there was a time of open bedroomdoors in India...having nothing to hide.

It was all in all new to me, that people took Berg on this one serious, I definetely didn't take that to be followed myself.I also remember, that even for FFing by the letters nobody should feel forced to participate, so I thought, there must be some leeway.

I had this strange concept, that as Berg was the
prophet, what they extended to people, including children, was the best love possible.I never thought I had the same type of love, so I didn't necessarily think I had to go by everything what was writt, feeling often bad, I wasn't so radical & good...that odd thinking kept me from
obeying the worst, including my upbringing what is a strict no...

But honestly I was a bit surprised, that abuse to such children took place in the eighties...& I would have been even more shocked, if that would have included homes I had been in, cause you tend to think kind of well of people, who were "limited" deluded by comparison.

Therefore I can only praise Natalie, Tracy & Eva
for all they did & with Natalie's dedication to fill more gaps I think she's very special...

Also I like to thank Susie, who filled me in on how things worked under Keda's aegis.
This was not in lofty Berg's home, but down to earth...things are further sinking in TY.