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I don't get JoJo

Posted by Acheick on November 10, 2005 at 15:47:54

In Reply to: Abuse behind closed doors posted by Observer on November 10, 2005 at 11:58:23:

I don't understand all his questioning - what's the point? I also thought the Aussie 60 min show was one of the best. And the airing of those home movies - that was pretty outlandish behavior - wasn't it? The little kids? Where was JoJo anyway when he lived in TF? Antartica? I just don't get him. For sure he knew it was a sexually charged atmosphere (he admits to that at least) with sexually explicit literature encouraging such behavior (did he ever read Heaven's Girl_ and even stringent rules along the same lines. Remember the RNR? Berg was pissed because Deborah and the top leaders there in So. America were not living his letters, specifically FFing and the Davidito book. So he fired all the leaders and did his reorganization so that everyone would get on his sex bandwagon. I know, I was there. Deborah would not allow people where she was overseeing to go FFing and to read the Davidito book. That's when Berg sent Rachel to "straighten" her up. I saw Rachel when she came through Brazil on that trip. So I'm living testimony of what went on and how Berg insisted that his law of love message was more than just read, it had to be lived. All Hell broke loose in So. America after that, they even put young teenage girls on sharing schedules to make sure they were revolutionary. Geeze, what other proof does one need?