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Re: You were so true

Posted by Farmer on November 12, 2005 at 04:04:55

In Reply to: Re: You were so brave posted by Natalie on November 11, 2005 at 07:39:33:

I just saw 60 min. again…the first time must have been the NZ version...this time it was the one from Australia.Let me please assure you again too, as others did so well here, that it takes tremendous guts to appear on TV, I cannot imagine anyone “liking” that...the subject is too bad...yet necessary.I do agree with all the others here, that the producers did a very good job.

It’s painful to see the fruits of delusion being unfolded before the eyes, what was sad to say daily horror for kids & a ticking timebomb.What can be understood as questioning the accounts was the bad surprise, that much more happened at the grassrootlevels, more than I am aware of, not in some especially deluded WS-home, but rather “among us” I considered TF worsening all the time, the brunt of abuse considered to have happened on home/combo-levels in the late eighties or nineties & with all your testimonies I saw myself being forced to get a better view.

I shouldn’t be surprised though, after all it was in the letters & “the good ones” obeyed....bad grieve...I guess it’s one thing to know it happened sometime up there, away from the average home & then to realise, it was right “among us”....not to be witnessed by everyone, but then a sad consequence of what we didn’t object to early enough.That’s very sobering...

Please don’t understand my posts to mean, I’d need further evidence, timings etc. to believe you...I believed you...however would be glad to give TF less reasons to say it wasn’t the case, cause some victims know times & places better than legal names & can therewith get support from others.My dream is still a book/blog by as many SGAs as possible.That’s what many Nazi-camp-survivors do, they go to schoolclasses, to tell their sad accounts/experiences.It’s
a witness against that regime, that frame of mind, that sick ideology.My kids eagerly absorbed the Anne Frank biography...
I consider those four testimonies as one of these milestones, I wished, people would not consider it as denial or doubt, if some FGAs personally didn’t witnesse these miserable acts. As far as sex between consenting adults is concerned, be it “sharing” or FFing, I could have immediately given my own accounts.Both sharing & FFing is also expounded on in the letters.Apparently I agreed on that readier or I wouldn’t have practiced it & the other I must have subconsciously blocked out, because I din’t want it & thought others are not practicing
it either...except somewhere in Berg’s “wonderland/home”...

So everything get’s even worse now depicted in my mind...I am not sad about it, that TF gets further I said before,even if childabuse & one wife hadn’t occurred, I still wouldn’t have joined...nowadays...

So if you’re getting more detailed, I wish you to believe, that you don’t need to convince me
more, it’s just a more powerful testimony...I often thought about the battles SGAs might have, going the legal way...I remember Sonderval sharing about’s tough...I figure...very tough, as it probably involves also relatives.I wish you all the best, for you & your child...a real inner healing...I really have no words for the damage done to you & I simply have no idea, how you can cope with it.

We once thought of having real love & answers for a sick world, when actually we helped to create a much sicker part of the world...

Does anybody know, when the Australia letters came out...for I do think, that the woman happens to be Sally, who once was with Apelles...both I met in India...but I don’t think it was him, the voice is different, plus he always had his, did they split up???