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Resume Tips from the Family

Posted by Backslider on November 18, 2005 at 02:47:30

In Reply to: My resume to Zerby posted by resume on November 17, 2005 at 14:52:31:

excerpt from

FSM 150 (FN 259) DO
© Copyright: December 1989, By Family Services, Zurich, Switzerland


BABES RANCH: Missionary training center * non-denominational seminary for lay workers * intensive scripture study workshop/seminar/course * Junior Executive training course

BETROTHAL: I became engaged/was married

BIBLE STUDIES: Personal improvement & public relations course * growth enrichment program * inspirational literature course

BORDER BASE: Cultural exchange center * small import & export venture * travel consultant & coordinator for various outbound missionary families * managed a small independently-sponsored housing facility for missionary families in transition

BUSKING: My children had opportunity to perform at several community functions & locations * coming from a very musically talented family myself, I very much wanted my children to enjoy & experience many rich & rewarding performing opportunities them-selves & through friends & acquaintances was able to arrange to do several very memorable public shows

CATACOMBER: At that time I became interested in a local youth group * I took a part-time position as a junior sales representative for a small but very promising firm. My parents had other aspirations for me however which eventually prompted me to travel.

CHAIN-OF-COOPERATION: I held a junior management position with an advertising firm * I held a senior position in a sales initiative programme

CHILDCARE: Extensive studies in Homemaking * studied volumes of literature on child-rearing & became very conversant with many of the more innovative early childhood education programmes

COLONY: Collective housing * cooperative effort * community project * in partnership with... * in cooperation with several business colleagues we helped secure housing for the homeless * an encounter group * a workshop * a retreat house for young people having difficulties

DAS: Personnel management * district manager * area supervisor

DELIVERANCE: I greatly benefitted from experiences in a group counselling personal enrichment course that helped me form a more positive & realistic outlook on life

DEPORTATION: Urgent personal business affairs required my return home * My involvement in the local community gained me much recognition & it was sad to have to leave * From there I agreed to accept a position elsewhere * Due to urgent personal matters I was forced to temporarily leave my position * Rivaling factions & altercations in the local community precipitated an unexpected change of plans

DEPROGRAMMING: Our competitors were very aggressive in their attempts to win top personnel to their team * my parents were very insistent that I attend a special refresher course in career advancement opportunities * at that time I met serious opposition from rival concerns

DONATIONS: Grants * subsidies * remunerations * honorariums * cash incentives * bonuses

DOOR-TO-DOOR: While there I gathered valuable research information & insight into local customs & attitudes by participating in various community & residential surveys & privately sponsored polls * I participated in a very active promotional advertising campaign

DROPPED OUT: Feeling somewhat stifled in my career choice, I launched out afresh & decided to... * Reaching a creative impasse in my job selection, I decided to obtain further training & experience by becoming more actively & personally involved in programs beneficial to the community

ESCORT WORK: Tour guide * translator * executive secretary * hostess * social director * recreation director * private consultant

FAMILY: Inter-denominational missionary work * non-denominational Christian volunteers * ecumenical cooperative effort * a gathering of like-minded Christians from various denominations * a small fellowship of like-minded Christians

FFing: Marriage counselor * Hostess * Constructive personal counselling & therapy * Following a dynamic system of personal counseling & applied psychology, I was able to assist many people in gaining lasting & constructive insights into their relationships with others * I began an evening course in human response & behaviour patterns * We led a very active social life, meeting many famous & influential people

FISHERMAN: I became interested in public relations & promotions * business consultant * I helped manage the business affairs of several private citizens

FOLLOW-UP: A business acquaintance asked me to visit several of his more important clients while I was there

FORSAKING ALL: At that time I became involved in various philanthropic charity programs * I began contributing heavily to various charitable, social & religious concerns * I decided to make a serious commitment to helping others

FURLOUGH: At that time I felt I needed to reassess my long term career options * I took a leave of absence from my position to further my education * re-evaluated my priorities & goal

GAF: National business convention

GAS: Regional supervisor

GOING INTO ALL THE WORLD: Following my inner conviction that travel & exposure to other languages & cultures is an important part of modern education, I ... * My fascination with other cultures, languages & lifestyles led me to live & work on 8 Continents in the past 15 years--specifically....

GYPSIES WE ARE: I was quite impressed by the broadened inter-cultural perspective & personal adaptability that results from extensive travel & international exchanges.

HIT THE ROAD: Launched out

HOME SUPPORT: Revenue from small investments * supporters of the programme provided ... * investors * the response to our fund raising campaign was very good & we continued our independent ....

HOME SERVANT: I was appointed head of our ... office * formed a small partnership with a few employees * I managed the local office in ...

IHC: Opportunities opened for us to visit music clubs * travel arrangements were made for me to visit several communities * establishing field offices * held several conventions

IMPRISONED: I had wanted to leave earlier but several important contacts insisted that I remain & even arranged for special accommodations * pressing last minute legal business delayed my departure,

INTERROGATION AFTER CAUGHT LITNESSING: I was asked to give a series of talks on cross-cultural & commercial topics & was able to provide samples of excellent resource literature to those who attended

JOINED THE FAMILY: I became more actively interested in various social interest groups * I became involved with an ecumenical Christian movement * I was feeling too isolated socially so I joined an active local club & participated in many outgoing functions & public performances

KINGS: Patrons * sponsors * benefactors * backer * supporter * philanthropist * promoter

LEADERSHIP: Overseer * Supervisor * Management position

LITNESSING IN SHOPPING CENTERS: I became actively involved in advertising & promotional appeals adapted to large scale shopping complexes * I was a promotions & sales representative for a small/large (Christian) publishing firm, even winning the top sales award for our division

MAIL MINISTRY: Commercial appeals * I was an overseas correspondent for the privately circulated Christian Missionary News which is supported by voluntary contributions

MINISTRY: My work, job, position, career, profession, occupation

MO LETTERS: A series of lectures * undertook a Home Study course in personal enrichment * a privately circulated newsletter aimed at self-improvement & personal growth * I received bound copies of a unique series of lectures given to students of eschatology which sparked my young enthusiasm for horizons beyond the plain of normal life

MOLOCH: The children entered Public School

MWM (MUSIC WITH MEANING): A group of musicians were working together to produce some very high quality commercial productions * talent scout * I was regional supervisor coordinating the quality, supply & responses of the program on 25 radio stations

NAS (NATIONAL AREA SHEPHERD): I was for (x) years the national representative for my company in (name the region or country) * chief coordinator * national sales representative * regional manager * family counselor

NO: National overseer of ... * national representative for ... * head supervisor * chief promoter * top sales representative * sales coordinator

OFFICE TO OFFICE: I helped undertake a promotional survey of musical likes & dislikes among business executives

PERSECUTION: At that time there seemed to be some differences of opinion which did not seem to be profitable to become involved in, so we decided to move to ... * Certain conflicts in local politics & local religious disputes affected the tide of public opinion against foreigners & we felt it best to leave * The economic & social climate of the community was no longer receptive to further foreign investment & development at that time * National unrest & local disturbances made it apparent that it might be wiser to move to a more suitable location

PIONEERING: Opening a branch office * expanded services to * researched/explored the feasibility of establishing ... * took a working holiday to ... in hopes of making contact with the commercial community

POSTERING: I opened a small business selling private works of art & wall displays

PRAYER LETTERS: Circulars * advertising campaign * appeal letters

PROVISIONING/PROVISIONER: Fund raiser * promoter * supplies agent & purchasing agent * supplier * materials consultant * buyer * public relations officer

ROMANS: Law officers * officials * (police raid) representatives from the local community met with us & expressed their support/concern

SACRIFICE & HARDSHIPS: The working conditions were quite demanding, however the challenge ...* my work with people required considerable personal involvement

SERVICE CENTER: Collecting agency * warehouse management * shipping & transportation business * purchasing agent * school supply house * catering service * a depot for items destined for child help programs * community resources center * Private School support center * a school support group * donations deposit * consignment school supply business

SHEEP: Clients * customers * supporters * a local Christian support group * friends with like views * membership * associates * business acquaintances * contacts

SHEPHERD: Overseer * manager * counsellor * recreation director * sales representative * public relations officer * executive * personnel manager * coordinator * plant supervisor * department head * teacher * administrator * in charge of ... * director * principal * chief * boss * foreman * superintendent * overseer

TAPENESSING: I was asked to become the sales representative for a music distributor * Following a life-long interest in music I become very involved in the production & distribution of the works of many excellent but lesser well known artists

10:36 PROBLEMS: Being youthful in a successful but very traditional & close-knit family, I felt it best to prove myself separate from my family to begin with. This decision was not always entirely understood * My independent voyages & ventures did not always meet with approval from my very conservative family

TRIALS: Certain difficulties arose which made it apparent that I needed to make certain fundamental changes in my procedures * Financial & other considerations motivated me to re-evaluate my mode of operation

UNIT/WORKED IN A UNIT: Worked for a Christian publishing firm * a private research & development project * a mail service * an artists group * an association of professional & semi-professional artists & writers * a free-lance writers group * a secretarial pool * privately funded educational publications research project * statistical analysis * financial management * executive secretary * junior partner in an investment firm

VS (VISITING SERVANTS): Family counselling service * went on tour giving a series of lectures & special classes on home improvement ideas & family communication skills * traveling representative * research * sent to investigate living conditions among migrant workers

WILD WIND PRODUCTIONS: Sale of sundry promotional items * advertising agency

WITNESSING: I became actively interested & involved in youth resources & counselling projects * Having a penchant for ethics & cultural mores, I became interested in studying the mechanisms by which values are transferred in society

WORD STUDIES: Personal enrichment courses

WS: Senior executives * administration * civil services * advertising agency * educational support group