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Steven David in the MLs

Posted by Researcher on November 20, 2005 at 16:18:37

In Reply to: Re: Mother Eve & Steven David posted by Researcher on November 20, 2005 at 16:05:44:

OUR LOVE STORY! DFO 1358 Switzerland, 1/4/78

185. WELL, THAT'S THE STORY, OUR LOVE STORY! That was the birth of the Revolution, too!--Richard's driveway! We spent virtually all our honeymoon & courting days in parking lots!--Ha! There're a lot of weird things going on in parking lots! Well, when Mother Eve got away & began to have more or less her own ministry, her own little team & everything, she was happy. She was fine, & she always had some boyfriend. (Maria: Alf was her boyfriend for awhile!) What happened that you got ripped off? (Alf: I met Sara!)

186. SO THEN ALONG CAME STEPHEN! Steve was a good boy, he took good care of her, TTL, & I was so happy when she finally got somebody that really loved her & cared for her & chauffeured her. She always needed a chauffeur, somebody to drive her, & she was perfectly content then. She's had quite a few since then! When she finally abandoned her self-righteous attitude about sex, she went to the opposite extreme! I wish she had been that way when I knew her! Whew! She's a hot one now!

187. THEN SHE STARTED HER LITTLE SEX REVOLUTION, going around visiting all the different Colonies. Her ministry was to upset the fruit basket & get everybody scrambled up & mismated & whatnot!--& it looks like she's still at it! Well, I hated to have to put those things in the FN, but we have warned Mother Eve so many times to stop causing trouble, stop going in & bringing division & defying leaders & ripping off workers & all kinds of things, doing everything she's been told not to do, like going back to [EDITED: " ____ "] all the time. So that's the happy tale & the sad tale!--Our happy tale & Eve's sad tale.


REBUKE TO STEPHEN!--Gen Story Part 8. DO 1448 12/4/75

1. I WAS AMAZED AT SOME OF YOU, PARTICULARLY YOU, STEPHEN & MOTHER EVE, AT HOW SLOW YOU'VE BEEN IN BELIEVING THE WORD, ME & GOD! Have you heard the tapes of the revelation that I got from the Lord in the bathroom? Who was it who first told you about the Scripture that I got? (Faith: I told them at the dinner table that day.)--The day that we sent you girls down to deal with her, that was the second time? Well, praise God, maybe the third time is going to be the so-called charm! The second time that I sent you down to do it, still you guys stalled around & didn't do it. And apparently, Mother Eve, I don't know how you did it, but I've gotten reports that you hurt their faith on the issue & argued & tried to persuade them that it wasn't really so! That's the way I've heard it. Maybe I heard wrong?

23. THE PITIFUL PART ABOUT IT, STEPHEN, IS IT HAS HAPPENED WITH YOU & EVE AGAIN & AGAIN & ALWAYS THROUGH DISOBEDIENCE, not doing exactly what we told you, having some other "better" idea & doing that instead!--Right? I don't care to go back into ancient history, but I can think of several instances where it's happened before, & this is why I got so angry before! You cannot have faith & believe in God & in His spiritual power when you're acting in direct disobedience & when you don't do what we told you to do! You were disobeying God, because we are your superiors in the Lord & you should have done it!

24. GOD PICKED OUT A SCRIPTURE THAT I DIDN'T EVEN KNOW EXISTED, speaking about Jonathan's mother as being the perverse & rebellious woman through which the Enemy was trying to kill David, through Jonathan! How you could disbelieve that the very next day is beyond me!--Except you were disobeying, so you were subject to the lies of the Devil!

25. I THINK YOU NEED TO REALLY STAY CLOSE TO THE LORD, SON, & WATCH OUT ABOUT SUCH DISOBEDIENCE, since you seem to be a little prone to this sort of thing. You have professed great love & desire to obey & be faithful & loyal & so on, & we've spoken many many times about being a faithful messenger. This is one thing that God has used you almost the most in, & yet it's the one thing that you've had to learn the most lessons on, along this line of being a faithful messenger. Apparently the Enemy really attacks you on it because God is trying to use you as a faithful messenger, so quite often you're very unfaithful! The Devil really attacks you, but you should beware of that & not be ignorant of his devices & be expecting his attacks! (But poor Stephen only grew worse, until both he & Eve departed from us!--May God help you to be warned by their horrible disobedient example! It could happen to you if you don't stay close to Him & His Word & His Work! God help you not to disobey & go back like they did!--In Jesus' name, amen!)


FAITHFUL SERVANTS!--Are YOU One? DO 1373 Tenerife 18/9/75

1. WHEN I HEARD ABOUT THAT I WAS REALLY FED UP! I don't think Adria should be in any kind of position of leadership at all! She's no example, running off & leaving her husband & even leaving her child a good deal of the time while she was off being a great mother!--Teaching other mothers! (David Handyman's ex-Adria--another of Eve & Stephen's disciples!) (P.S. Let's call him Stephen Eve! He's not Stephen David anymore! He's departed from us & gone back with Eve!)