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Re: Chicken-shit prophets decide not to warn

Posted by Oldtimer on December 06, 2005 at 13:07:31

In Reply to: Chicken-shit prophets decide not to warn posted by reposter on December 06, 2005 at 02:11:08:

I think the poster below summed it up, that the Family is too busy making money off their FCF front, their "dream wedding" ceremonies, their donate a car to a cult program, etc. They're having such a good f--- and enjoying the benefits of sleeping with the Whore so much that they just don't wanna get out of bed and flee to Iran and Indonesia where they can freely preach what they REALLY think! It's all about MONEY, folks!

Politically, I could care less what their views are, as I'm pretty middle of the road, free speech and all that, but isn't what they're doing damn hypocritical? Like Sam Ajemian said, no wonder ex-members are steamed. A cult that prays for the nuclear destruction of America goes around "patriotically" selling flags after 911. They're trying to have it both ways.

WHAT THE HELL TO THEY REALLY BELIEVE ANYWAY? They're such damn hypocrites, two-faced liars and stinking opportunists!