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my 2 cents

Posted by Acheick on December 07, 2005 at 23:20:49

In Reply to: Question to JLM posted by Quiet Silence on December 07, 2005 at 22:35:25:

in reference to an exchange between a poster and someone whom he has offended - I wrote this to Jim:

Can you stop this? Please?

Why would anyone who has suffered enormous abuse at the hands of so many loveless and whacked out F. members want to trust someone who made them suffer all over again? Judging by all this talk on these threads and my own experience with you, which I brought up many times, BTW, you are a bully and you come across that way. You are not a listener. Not only has my own correspondence with you been less than stellar and sub-par, but the correspondence I've seen from some of my friends, shows me the same if not more. I think you may mean well, but you have done incredible damage by all your good intentions. Jim - you are NOT listening.