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Re: appropriate venues

Posted by headbanger on December 08, 2005 at 16:25:32

In Reply to: Re: appropriate venues posted by Jim LaMattery on December 08, 2005 at 11:41:41:

Why, one week or so after Rick's death, was the media knocking down your door for interviews? You were an unknown. You didn't know Rick or Elixcia. Why would the media perceive you to be the gatekeeper?

My sense is that many people still see you as a carpetbagger in all of this. You're a latecomer on the scene, you've made attempts to set yourself up as the go-to guy -- the representative for victimised SGAs -- and you're seen to have attempted to exploit Elixcia when she was at her most vulnerable.

Don Lattin did not try to get Elixcia to sign over any rights. He has a history of writing asbout the group, and his articles on Rick and TF broke a lot of new ground -- he stuck his neck out in some ways, writing what he did.

Now he's writing a book, which he has a right to do in a free market. Who knows how it will turn out? Who knows if Elixcia is contributing? But I don't think he should be faulted for not offering compensation to people who are interviewed. That's not really normal practice.

I don't really buy your story that you were trying to protect Elixcia. If I had to make a choice, I'd go with DL any day over you.

Oh, to your credit, you did decisively back out of the Elixcia deal. Smart thing to do.

One of the many problems is that many people do not see you as being an altruistic person -- the way you spin yourself. Most people I know see you as a self-serving, disingenuous, opportunist. You may be one of the few people who believes your own propaganda.

Jim, if dozens or hundreds of people see you that way, then that is their reality. You may think that the real reality is different and more charitable, but that does not really matter. If you want to make any progress, you need to try and figure out how to alter the negative reality about you that so many people hold to be true.

Droaning on about how you're not pushy and have not really done anything wrong -- and then grinding down anyone who tries to reason with you is not going to work. You're just reinforcing what so many believe.

You'd be better off not talking here at all. I for one thought that you might have changed and mellowed a bit in the past several months when you did not post -- especially after the debacle on Dr. Phil. Talk about humiliation. But then you come back here and justify yourself and intimidate, and we see that nothing very much has changed. Same old same old.

Do us a favor -- go work on your web site. Start a blog or something. Plan your Dr. Phil comeback.

Where's my pillow?