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Re: Time to put one thing to rest

Posted by on December 09, 2005 at 11:13:40

In Reply to: Time to put one thing to rest posted by Coordinator on December 09, 2005 at 10:35:35:

I disagree with a portion of your above opinion. The "time relevant" as to how long someone stayed in this group is very relevant to me. I agree with you that this distinction could never be addressed soley in terms of "years" someone was in TFI. It would be more appropriate to ascertain how long someone stayed in TFI once they knew it to be corrupt, they or their children we mistreated or abused in any way, or more importantly, once they knew it engaged in criminal activity. I understand that for the majority of posters on this site that "support, empathy, and understanding" is the key for them. For me, the key is something different. So that no one is tempted to "fill in the blanks" here, the key (the core importance) for me is to let my local community know the dangers that TFI poses on their neighborhoods. I can respect the fact that others on this site do not share the same core importance or "key," as mine. In my pleas for help, I will endevour to not cross any lines. I will no longer ask for support on this site for the path that I have chosen. I will however, continue to ask for substantition when someone makes a statement about me that I fill is unfair or unjustified. I believe that allowing me to do so would be treating me with sensitivity and respect. It will be all that I ask of this board and its readership in the future. Thank you.