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Posted by User on February 21, 2006 at 07:43:09

In Reply to: Re: What started this Thread is this posted by Yes, but.... on February 20, 2006 at 12:14:01:

Daniel is imposing his paranoic conspiracy worldview on a demographic of VULNERABLE ex people, many of whom NEED medical attention. He has leftover anti-medical-treatment issues from his cult days. What he is doing is IRRESPONSIBLE, considering the audience here is also prone to the same lingering cultic hang up. He could be scaring them away from getting proper medical treatment when they really need it.

It is one thing to say, "hey be careful about (fill in the blank)" and another to go "the entire pharmaceautical industry is a conspiracy to sell you unsafe drugs, their testing is all a joke and medical professionals are all whores pushing you unsafe drugs which will cause you to develop suicidal tendencies if you never even had any from the beginning."

It is one thing to claim to ask questions about drugs and drug companies' testing methods, and to advise you to question your prescription and diagnosis. It is quite another to use a byword for medical professionals and make blanket statements that:

"Most shrinks and other MD's are little more that high priced whores for the pharmecuticals."

"shrinks (...) are the nutcases of the medical profression, committing suicide at twice the national rate."

Or when someone objects to his wild statements:

"I'm not trying to take your drugs away"

"Sorry my little question has so rattled your safe little world. OH, Oh mommy help the bad man is saying stuff that doesn't fit my paradign."

To CB:
"If you are a medical professional that's probably why you don't realize that drug testing is not only a joke but a scam."

He has not shown research for the causal relationship of SRRIs and suicidal thoughts, yet feels safe in his assuptions to ask: "hey since SRRIs cause suicides, therefore it could have caused Ricky's." Nevermind that a person with his upbringing with or WITHOUT any mind-altering drugs might be affected the way he was?????? I can completely understand why Jules or other SGs would be offended.

Now that Safarina has spoken up that Ricky was not on any medication, perhaps we should be doing and asking the opposite of Daniel:

Could medications have helped? Shouldn't we be encouraging proper professional help (which may or may not include a prescription of psychotropic drugs) for people who exit cults?