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Clarifications for readers new to Smioley, etc

Posted by on May 04, 2006 at 11:27:19

In Reply to: Porceleindoll posted by Some Questions on May 04, 2006 at 02:10:14:


For members of the Family assigned here to obfuscate (oops! For the Still Uneducated, that means “confuse things’; roughly), here is the URL and the message from “Crossfire”, where Tim Peters clears things up about his TFI membership:

Tim Peters letter/email of 15 June 2002 containing admission of TF membership:
-his reply to a letter from Texas Ray June, 11, 2002, and
-a Letter from Texas Ray to Tim Peters June 11, 2002

NewDayNews Crossfire
For the record
Posted By: Tim Peters
Date: Saturday, 15 June 2002, at 7:22 a.m.

This is my first and probably last visit to this site. Someone whom I love and admire very much drew my attention to the fact that my character and life's work were under discussion,without my knowledge, on this bulletin board based on an email exchange I had with an individual that I have never met & who uses the alias Texas Ray.
I received Texas Ray's email to me in the midst of attempting to answer viwer responses to the 3-part documentary,Hidden Lives, shown on Nightline. I feel,in the context of what's being discussed, that it's important to say that Texas Ray's email stood in sharp contrast to the scores of other viewer letters in that it showed an utter lack of interest in the actual plight of the North Korean children and refugees that I've been attempting to help for the last 6 years.

Be that as it may, nevertheless I did take considerable time to answer Texas Ray in a personal letter. I then discovered that my email reply to Texas Ray has been characterized by him as deceitful, but the text of my letter was not actually shown to readers he was speaking to on this site. Therefore, for the record, I am copying here, word for word, the exchange of letters that took place on June 11th. My reply is placed first and Texas Ray's letter is beneath that. (Texas Ray sent a 2nd email that repeated the same threat, but I will not copy that here.)

Yes, I do have FM status in the Family Missionary Fellowship. The reason that I state that here and did not do so in my email response to Ray is very simple. He issued his request for that information in the form of a very clear threat or blackmail issued to me his demand as follows:"If you will send me an e-letter stating your rejection of heretical "family" doctrines,.......I will take no action other than to publish that letter on several family oriented discussion boards.

If you do not send me such a letter I will have no choice but to contact all of the media contacts mentioned on your site and inform them of the true nature of FWF and your own ministry."

I kept asking myself: Why is a complete stranger threatening me in this way?
I don't like threats (don't know anyone who does) and, just as importantly, I don't believe in the principle of yielding any personal information based on such threats, pure and simple.

As another matter of record, mention of the Family Missionary Fellowship as an integral part of my missionary training has been stated by me in several prominent interviews, including NEWSWEEK, Feb. 7th, 2001 (regional East Asian edition).I also mentioned it in a long interview that was published with one of the primary English dailies here several years ago.
I think that pretty much speaks for itself, doesn't it?

That being said, in my descripton of myself as an independent tentmaker missionary, how else would you describe someone who has been alone in a country with his family unaided for 6 years to build a work? If you don't think that's independent, you've got another think coming'
OK, to sum up, I'm FM and proud to be so. I'm doing my best to change the world in a place that no one I know of has taken an interest.

Wanna help? I welcome contact with you. If you think threats and blackmail will work on me, sorry to disappoint you. That's the way that North Korean government works and we're trying to rescue people from that kind of intimidation.
Let's win the world for Jesus!

In Jesus' Name,

Tim Peters (my real legal name)

PS--I want to say a personal thank you to the two brave individuals on this site who defended my work for the Lord. I do appreciate that more than I canput into words and am encouraged.

My reply to a letter from Texas Ray June, 11,2002
Texas Ray,

As a general rule I don't answer mail from individuals who fail to identify themselves.Your letter that began so cordially rapidly slid into what can only be described as an unexpected and very ugly threat. I do not know who you are and you apparently do not have the courage to fully reveal yourself. Further, you seem to have no idea who I am.

Although the tone and substance of your letter don't merit further response, nevertheless, I will state the following for the sake of the people I'm attempting to help: I am a tentmaker lay missionary who has supported his family with a modest day job for years and moonlights as an NGO volunteer that works to feed the hungry and attempts to rescue the persecuted and downtrodden in very dangerous circumstances.

After considerable research into other foundations, I have found that the 10% that the Family Care Foundation uses for its administrative expenses is considered frugal by any measure. Your other comments on this point were confusing and made no sense to me.
Because you do not know me personally, therefore you could have no idea whatsoever about my spiritual journey as a Christian and the current state of my religious convictions and affiliations. I fail to see how it concerns you.

Again, I am forced to say that your presumptuous intrusion into my life and charitable labors is unwarranted and distasteful. I'm reminded of what the Apostle Paul said: "One thing have I desired to know among you, Christ Jesus, and Him crucified."

This, though, I will gladly share with you or anyone: when I stand before the Almighty at the end of my life, one & only one thing will be my plea as a mortal man: the blood of Christ has washed my soul and in this alone I can have boldness at the seat of God's mercy.Do you, Texas Ray, embrace this sacred principle that eclipses all others? If so, let me further encourage you to reflect upon a very valuable guideline before seeking to undermine or destroy a man's lifelong work for Jesus Christ & his fellow man, as you have openly declared today in your email that you wish to do to mine: "If this thing is not of God, it will come to naught. If it is of God, no man can stand against it." and if I'm not mistaken, the passage goes on to say, "Beware lest you be found to fight against God."

May I encourage you to find your own peace with God and come to terms with anything that's unresolved in your soul. It goes without saying that it is a grave thing to attack a brother in Christ, about whom you know nothing. Please consider this deeply before you do it.
Tim Peters
Letter from Texas Ray to Tim Peters June 11, 2002

Tim Peters

I was very impressed with the interview on CWA. I believe that you are indeed doing a good work with your ton a month project.

I myself spent several months in Seoul and Pussan in the 1980s (in the family). I left the family in 1988 in Japan (in total disgust). More recent events have only deepened and expanded that disgust. I know there are many sweet and sincere people caught up in the family.
However because the "family" in general has had such horribly bad fruit, stemming from horrible evil doctrines, I consider it to be an evil tree that must be rooted up and hewn down.

Therefore I intend to expose your link with it in every way possible in order to ensure that donations intended to help the poor are not diverted by FCF and or yourself from your humanitarian project into family use.

Even FCF's 10% is too much for my taste. Why should sincere people tithe to the family without knowing it.

I would advise you to become what you claimed to be in the interview. "Independant tentmaking christian missionaries" and a "mom and dad" organization. I realize this may be largely true even now. But as long as you retain any vestige of family affiliation I'm afraid that I must consider you as being in the enemy's camp. As family members you are perpetuating an abusive cult whether or not you are directly involved in such abuse yourselves.

If you will send me an e-letter stating your rejection of heretical "family" doctrines, specifically the "law of love", "one wife" "LJR", "posession" "spirit helpers" and the divine inspiration of David Berg and Karen Zerby, I will take no action other than to publish that letter on several family oriented discussion boards.

If you do not send me such a letter I will have no choice but to contact all of the media contacts mentioned on your site and inform them of the true nature of FWF and your own ministry. I do not wish to interfere with your work but the (non existent) family of love/COG or whatever other alias they go by now is an evil that must be pursued and exposed wherever it shows its head.

(end of letter by Texas Ray to Tim Peters)

OT2 (OldtimerToo)