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Conspiracy to Aid and Abet Criminals

Posted by CB on May 04, 2006 at 17:56:49

In Reply to: Porceleindoll posted by Some Questions on May 04, 2006 at 02:10:14:

What has the whole group been accused of? Best as I can figure out, they're accused of giving aid and support to the criminals known as Queen Maria, King Peter, Sam Perfilio, Clare Borowick, Lonnie Davis, and several others in top positions of leadership.

No one has ever accused every member of TFI of the crimes committed by their top leadership. However, by almost any standard of law, people who support a criminal's evasion of justice are guilty of conspiracy to aid and abet crime. If you're a tithing member of TFI, you are aiding and abeting criminals.

If TFI's leadership hasn't been formerly charged and convicted in a court of law for activities such as charity fraud, rape, child abuse and neglect, and conspiracy to cover up these crimes, are they really criminals?

It depends on how narrowly you define word "criminal." Pol Pot of Cambodia was never tried and convicted in a court of law. Don't people call him a criminal for leadership policies that resulted in the the deaths of over two million Cambodians? Uday Hussien of Iraq raped numerous women, bludgeoned a man to death in cold blood and was never charged and tried in a court. Wouldn't he be considered a criminal?

Many people who commit crimes are able to evade justice. Drug dealers are a good example of this. Is a drug dealer innocent of crime simply because s/he hasn't gotten caught; or if s/he has been charged, does a failure to convict a drug dealer mean s/he's innocent?

The evidence of Berg, Maria & Peter's crimes can be found in their own writings, as well as in a half dozen or so testimonies in the public record. Start with the 1974 Lefkowitz Report and move on to the 1992 Judgement of Lord Justice Ward. Read the court records and see for yourself what they say about the criminal activities of TFI's leaders. Then listen to Rick Rodriguez' videotape. Where do you suppose Rick learned the behavior that lead to Angela Smith's murder?

And think about this: Every time you refuse to examine the evidence of your leaders' criminal behavior, you are participating in the cover-up of a crime.