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Re: Conspiracy to Aid and Abet Criminals

Posted by Observer on May 05, 2006 at 16:40:21

In Reply to: Conspiracy to Aid and Abet Criminals posted by CB on May 04, 2006 at 17:56:49:

You sum it up very well. I think this is a major reason why the Family at large is in part at least, responsible for the many crimes committed by the top leaders. They continue the cover-up. The leaders made the policies & enforced them, bringing about all kinds of abuse in the Family, some of which is still present.

These leaders then go into hiding from law enforcement who would very, very much like to 'talk with them.' The Family members at large KNOW that the police, Interpol etc. want to apprehend their leaders yet have bought into the lie that it's all an 'AC plot'. So they support their leaders in every possible way, financially & protecting their 'security' etc.

But there's more to it than that. Why get upset when Tim Peters & other Family members do good works? Why blame Peters for P&M's crimes & seek to expose his perceived links to the Family? This isn't a case of Zach Prendergast who won the Parent of the Year award, but was later found to be one of the heads of a notorious Victor Camp. So far as we know Peters never abused children, ran Victor Camps, etc. Why go after him? Why not let him be?

I wonder if part of it is also the perception that he's involved in a large scam? He apparently claims to not be in the Family yet in order to receive FCF funds he HAS to be a member in come capacity, at least to tithe. So he's lying. Furthermore, he's involved in 'church invasions' gaining supporters & probably funds & again without revealing his Family ties. And he's featured on FCF giving the Family a 'good face' around the world. ('Look at all the good works TF is doing! Look at Tim Peters! We're good people! Don't believe our detractors.')

I think a lot of this sentiment about Tim Peters wouldn't have reached such a pitch if if hadn't been for several very ill-advised posts by Smiley. Smiley said he had read the testimonials of abuse by victims on MovingOn & dismissed them, saying to take them all with a grain of salt. Want the truth?? Smiley points you to where hundreds of Family members deny that abuse ever happened.

If Smiley hadn't revealed his views so blatantly, much of this hubbub about Tim Peters might have died down. Instead, here's someone rabidly defending Peters AND in the same breath denouncing victims on MovingOn as liars. Talk about pouring gasoline on the ground & throwing down a match.