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interesting discussion

Posted by Good questions on May 05, 2006 at 23:49:06

In Reply to: Conspiracy to Aid and Abet Criminals posted by CB on May 04, 2006 at 17:56:49:

I think there are similar dynamics to some abusive historical situations like the Cultural Revolution under Mao and the genocide in Cambodia under Pol Pot.

I think the reason people allow things to happen is mixed not really because they "choose" evil, but they are manipulated with fear and belief that their leader is the most superior person on earth either because of their religious or political station.

I do remember though what it was like to be in the Family even as I was in the burning out years. I know as with the whole Mao experience there was so much pressure to conform or be "out of it" and I don't look at what people do in the Family as general members as being willfully harmful though there are some that are and doctrines definitely are, many of them, self destructive and destructive to families. However, when in TF did you feel like anything was destructive other than doubting?

It seems that teachings regarding cults indicate that the leadership is where the buck stops. of course in cults like TF where there is sexual abuse of minors even after the charter, and destructive doctrines and isolation within the family culture, I understand a movement to expose TFI and it's leadership. I also understand concerns about naming people who are discovered to be associated to the Family but are not divorced from it yet. And yes they do have families and their children can suffer from the steps taken to expose them.

I think that the single most effective thing to hamper a cult is to expose the head of the beast, the top leaders, Maria and Peter.

It seems some people still tithe and are associated but have a life where they do some work they really like that is not harmful though many basic TFI doctrines are. They are not bound to teach those doctrines but I would be concerned that they could be doing so.

Still if the head is attacked then the followers will start to wake up eventually or will begin to question what they are doing at least.

Regarding getting out, what had to happen for different people here before you were able to get out? Many would say this one event happened and they just would not do X, Y or Z because they knew it was wrong. But to be truthful was it at that point in time knowing something was wrong or was it feeling YOU were wrong for doubting but you could not handle another thing?I had to get to a point where i could not handle one more ounce of pain and because I was unwilling to face what was to come. I thought it was a fault of mine and had to be out awhile to realize what the ugly truth was.