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Is it aiding and abetting?

Posted by interesting questions on May 06, 2006 at 03:03:40

In Reply to: Re: Conspiracy to Aid and Abet Criminals posted by Observer on May 05, 2006 at 16:40:21:

Is it, if the people are not aware that what they are doing is criminal or twisted (as all are not criminal technically speaking)and they are in a thought reform system? Some who cross lines and commit heinous acts have to answer for them and that is right. But most are victims of the regime or the cult when it is so tightly controlled.
When a person works for organized crime or drug dealing, they know what they do is illegal and they know they are covering up. If they drive a car for people that rob a bank they know they are committing a crime.
That being said, why attack every Gabriel, Peter and Martha Focker when the FCF as an entity could be exposed and the Family can and is being exposed regarding it's leadership's teachings and criminal history and current sick doctrines.
As far as alternatives go, when I left I had to sink or swim without support. It was really hard but I did it. The Phoenix family got out via a contact riding on a boat and struggled after getting back. Many people stuggle so I don't think staying in the group because ex-members haven't provided ways to get out is putting the responsibility on people that had to go through a lot just to survive in many cases, and oftentimes still are just making ends meet.
There is a resource section and people have offered in the past to do some searching for resources since they change from time to time.
I knew a guy that left the Family and then worked with the Salvation Army.
There are lots of social organizations that a person could become involved with besides FCF but the transition to either living life for themselves or doing some kind of other or independent missions work without connection to the Family is not easy for most.
The good thing about the internet is the ability to be anonymous and to use internet in cyber cafe's or libraries and people can read or make requests without anyone knowing.
I know that I did things I was not supposed to for a while before leaving like I read Deborah's book and though it was dismissed as lies by a bitter person, it was a turning point in me phasing out.