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Re: Confirmation on Tim and 2 questions

Posted by Tom Buckley on May 06, 2006 at 04:27:45

In Reply to: Confirmation on Tim and 2 questions posted by porceleindoll on May 05, 2006 at 20:30:16:

I was in the cult for 23 years and knew and worked with Tim Peters from 1985 until 1995 in Korea, Taiwan, Japan and Okinawa. I know his older kids well. Tim was probably the very best example of the cult's deception in fund raising. I could write a book about that "endearing, warm hearted, kind and outgoing" SOB, but I don't have time. I never met a more selfserving and personal agenda oriented bastard in my whole life! I remember watching that SOB in action with that fake and shiteating smile on his face and thinking, "My God, we're the biggest deceivers in the world!" Thanks to liars and deceivers like Tim Peters, the Lord always confirmed to me that I didn't have to worry, because the cult would eventually expose themselves. A very good example of Peter's deception is that picture of him unloading boxes of moldy Japanese rice with his young daughter. He uses it for his 'Ton-a-Month' ripoff in Korea. That picture was taken in 1994 in Tokyo with 'relief supplies' for vitims of the Kobe earthquake! And like I write, that rice was moldy and for that and many other reasons, the Kobe municipal government asked the cult known as 'The Family' to leave the disaster area! (Oddly enough, Korea is no longer mentioned on the cult's list of countries in Asia.) Peters is still in the cult. What is the difference between FCF and TF? It's one and the same.