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Re: Confirmation on Tim and 2 questions

Posted by moonshiner on May 06, 2006 at 14:16:22

In Reply to: Confirmation on Tim and 2 questions posted by porceleindoll on May 05, 2006 at 20:30:16:

"He's trying to get out of it and work out another way to receive donations tax-free, but he just hasn't had the time to do that." What a weak excuse that is by his daughter. He has no time to do the right thing?

I'm sorry, PD, but I don't agree with you here. (isn't it good to know we can disagree and still be friends, unlike in TF) I understand where your sympathy is coming from, but imo TF is so rotten and corrupt that any association with it is severely tainted, especially one that uses that association for monetary gain while deceiving the donors. Deceiving and lying is such an ingrained habit with Family members (see the Ward judgment) that until someone like Peters actually publicly denounces TF's leadership and most Family doctrines, and end their fellowship with that cult there is no way their word can ever be trusted.

And why should it be our responsibility to help someone like Peters wean himself from his dependancy on TF? It seems to me that the vast majority of people who left TF did so without any help whatsoever. We ended our dependance on TF cold-turkey, not by slowly weaning ourselves from that addiction. Besides, Peters seems smart enough to figure out how to do what he does without being tied to TF, so why does he remain? If he's really out of TF, like his daughter claims, then why doesn't he make it clear once and for all where he stands with TF. Until he does, I'm sure exmember watchdogs will continue to dog him.