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Re: Teaching Family doctrines

Posted by good questions on May 07, 2006 at 10:19:36

In Reply to: Re: Teaching Family doctrines posted by moonshiner on May 07, 2006 at 02:01:57:

I didn't post anything about crusades or you and other people out to get anyone. You must be confusing me with some other poster.
I am not criticising your opinion either. I am just expressing my own based on viewpoints of someone I respect.
That someone is not a family member at all.
I hate what TF does/ has done to many. It is true that there are alternatives but making the change to something else if a person is not yet withdrawn from TF completely, it is a process.
I don't deny that it makes sense to expose the FCF as a whole and I have said that in a post already.
When Love's Bridge was brought up it was let go for the sake of youth who continued for some time to be supported by FCF. Was a time limit given to them or else a campaign would be mounted to a certain country's government with their names listed?
btw, that particular work is still listed by FCF copyright thru 2006. Not to mention CNN article, American consular general lauding it. The site still asks for donations of RVs, cars and boats.
Wouldn't it be illegal for FCF to put a 2006 date at the bottom of the site pages if it wasn't still connected?