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Thank you

Posted by Dumbass layperson on May 13, 2006 at 19:40:30

In Reply to: Re: Hey Deb posted by Deb on May 13, 2006 at 18:59:58:

Appreciated your sharing that. Now as for how did I get my name, since Oscar told you about his.

There was a new school teacher, fresh out of teaching school, who landed a job at one of those one-room schools in the south where they cram kids from age 6 to 16 altogether in one room, in them regions where people marry their cousins.

On her first day, she put on her friendliest smile, and wrote her name on the board.

"My name is mizz Collins. I'd like each and every one of you to stand up and tell me your name."

One by one, the kids, all shapes and sizes, stood up and said their names, and she thanked them each.

Then when it came to his turn, a scruffy looking boy with no shoes, staring at the ground, reluctantly stood up and whimpered, "my name is Asshl Jns"

The teacher wasn't sure she heard what she did, but put on a wider smile and said, "I'll give you another try, young man. What's your name?"

"Asshl Jones"

"Young man, I am going to be nice and give you one more try. Any nonsense and you're leaving this class!"

"Yes Ma'am. Ah said ma name's Asshole Jones, ma'am."

"BOY! You cut that out and tell me your name now once and for all, or you leave!"

"Yes Ma'am! Ma name's ASSHOLE JONES!"


The boy turns to his brother and says, "C'mon Shitface, she ain't gohn believe you neither!"