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Thoughts on Tim Peters/Quislings/The Image of the Family Beast

Posted by Chiune Sugihara's Friend on May 13, 2006 at 21:22:17

In Reply to: Open Letter to Tim Peters posted by Coordinators on May 13, 2006 at 19:50:00:

Tim is a member of the group of Family leaders that were college educated, from reasonably good family,two or more years elder, married, sincere, that flattered Berg endlessly in non-sensical Shepherd's report after report of happy, victorious Christian blather. They lived by feeding the delusions of charismatic cult leaders and making their underlings work to support the effort.

Tim is part of what I call the Family Quislings: they are like the Norwegian fascist who betrayed his own country to support Hitler. Sure Tim keeps his counsel close to his chest(as Deb states)--this is the mark of distinction of this cunning and peculiar level of leadership.

They are independent leaders in their own right, able to use the Family structure and coerced labor of children and lower members to further their own goals.

Yet, this type of Family leader usually live in shadows, alone, moving continually, writing reports, receiving stipends--yet living off the goodwill and generosity of the low level cult members they visit.

These Quislings have kept Berg/Zerby/Kelly in place and fully supported for over 30 years.

Tim has been (is?) an integral part of the structure that burnishes the image of the Family Beast and keeps it going--even in it's death throes.

Yet Tim has taken his role to another level--as yet unheard of--by making the cover of the Korean version of TIME MAGAZINE! Tim himself looks somewhat surprised and humbled in the photo for TIME, and in his heart of hearts must be somewhat amazed at what a little solipsistic tenacity can accomplish. What next: The Nobel Peace Prize?

And in an irony of ironies, he is recognized for helping North Koreans escape from a totalitarian dictatorship!!!!(South Korea promises each escapee a college education and the equivalent of 25,000 dollars--too bad abused children leaving the Family didn't receive similar inducements for freedom.

Are there enough exclamation points to accentuate the irony? And to top it all, he is part of an organization called the underground railroad--a homage to the same movement that helped African American slaves escape the tyranny of the southern states to the liberty of the North. Abe Lincoln might be turning in his grave.

Deb, bless her self-esteemed heart, may never find a way to sympathise with the abused, damaged, blue-collar-non-leadership ex-member ranks. She lived in a golden city of leadership delusion, untouched by the hardships of total sacrifice, penury, and self-denial. Maybe she never slummed with the hardworking sincere daily litnessers and tapenessers.

This type of leadership like Tim denied the desire for college education to the children they taught, yet secretly finished college themselves while in the Family!

Others among this leadership circle demanded total forsake all from their followers yet received secret welfare checks and govt. support back in their home countries that they secretly collected on their trips, never declaring the income to other members of their own "home."