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Re: Thoughts on Tim Peters/Quislings/The Image of the Family Beast

Posted by Deb on May 13, 2006 at 22:44:43

In Reply to: Thoughts on Tim Peters/Quislings/The Image of the Family Beast posted by Chiune Sugihara's Friend on May 13, 2006 at 21:22:17:

You are so off, it's ridiculous. Stipends? Are you serious?? Did you actually see this stipend going into my Dad's pocket? He was never high up enough in the stupid "chain of command" to receive anything from "the leaders".

When he started HHK, we were so poor, it was just pathetic. My Dad is the most frugal person I know--to the point of embarassment. Even though I was pregnant at the time, there weren't a lot of extras since my Dad would pay the rent, bills, put aside money for NK, and THEN, only after it was for certain that he had met his ton-a-month goal, did he give me money for groceries. So unless you PERSONALLY saw a stipend, of any kind, going to him, you really should think twice before posting something like this.

As far as me living a "cushy life": From the time I was 17-22, yes, it's true (though I still did my fair share of "bucketing"--some of the most humiliating experiences of Family life). However, the first 17 years of my life were FAAAAAR from cushy. My Dad put himself through school on TWO jobs (during the RNR when he was a NOBODY), we lived in a trailer and ate mac and cheese many nights. Granted, we did like the stuff, but that's hardly the fare of people living on a stipend.

I find your entire post OFFENSIVE and BASELESS. Unless you can provide solid proof to back up your accusations, then you really shouldn't be posting such crap. And you can take your blessing of my "esteemed heart" and shove it up your ass.