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Re: Dear Coordinators

Posted by Someone on May 14, 2006 at 18:29:04

In Reply to: Open Letter to Tim Peters posted by Coordinators on May 13, 2006 at 19:50:00:

If coming to this board resulted in people , who were otherwise double minded, finally crystalyzing their opinions, then you can be happy about that, because that was what I inteded to do. That is called reverse psychology in case you didn't know.
After all, isn't it better to be HOT or COLD rather than be lukewarm?
So at least I helped some slow people finally make up their minds as to which camp they belong to! I am glad I was able to do what all the posting on this site for years could not do. It's good to have conviction, but it's not any good unless you do something with it. I hope you
have finally found your purpose in life.
Are your certain about what my intentions really were?
You wrote:
A very good letter. You're correct in saying Smiley coming to this board & posting the way that he did with the attitude that he had, has crystalized a lot of people's opinions -- in the exact opposite direction he had intended.

The recent discussions regarding Tim Peters' affiliation with The Family, has prompted us to compile an article on the subject. To read it, go to this website HOME page (top left tab on your screen) and read the article Tim Peters under WHATS NEW.