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Re: Big White Man save lazy, selfish Koreans?

Posted by Observer on May 16, 2006 at 18:10:44

In Reply to: Re: Big White Man save lazy, selfish Koreans? posted by Miguel on May 16, 2006 at 16:39:17:

Right. Apparently Tim Peters is doing nothing dangerous & Koreans & Laotian & Chinese nationals are actually doing the hands-on work. He's apparently just raising money & doing PR & (Family style) damning others. I just now read the TIME article in the Tim Peter's article on the Home page here & what's happening is that the North Korean refugees slip across the border into China, then usually travel south & cross into Laos & from there into Thailand.

As TIME mag says, The operatives working inside China are critical; Peters and Kim Sang Hun prefer to depend on fellow Christian activists, but will work with trustworthy brokers. Nor can the route be specified in advance, though right now there are two "hot" roads out of China, one through Mongolia, another through Laos.

So Peters depends on fellow Christian activists to do the work -- meaning indigenous Chinese Christians, but he gets the credit & becomes the poster boy of freedom.

I'd have no problem whatsoever with this work if Peters wasn't stupidly, stubbornly staying linked to a sex cult that actually stole & trafficked children in the past -- a cult where children & young teens were sent to internal Family 'gulags' like Macau where they were worked all day, humiliated, beaten & deprived of food for days. Sounds like North Korean style stuff!

But of course Peters doesn't get the incredible irony of running a 'Freedom Railroad' while still tied to The Family -- & letting a group that ran its own retraining, forced-labor camps get the glory for now helping poor refugees from N. Korea.