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Re: Barry ought to care

Posted by For what's worth on May 17, 2006 at 23:00:43

In Reply to: Re: Barry ought to care posted by Jewlz on May 17, 2006 at 20:06:15:

I grew up without my father being around. He was in town but never bother to come see me. I wanted to see him but he didn't, I waited and waited in hope. By 14 I was already done with the waiting and from then on I cursed him and decided he was a SOB.

I didn't see him until much later but he was never sorry and never expressed any sorrow or apologize. One of my sisters, whom I met the same day I met my father again, told me that I had not missed much because he was not much of a father. While that helped me a lot at the time, when I was going through my growing pain and he wasn't around, I missed him.

What I see now that helped me tremendously was the love and care of my mother and my extended family and friends of the family who were always around me making sure I was loved and cared for.

Good luck to you. It is a hard road for your son but what you do will mark him forever. Don't expect anything from the father, your son will soon learn that and he will find out by experience that having that attitude is theonly way to survive. He needs to realized that his father is a fucker SOB. Sorry to be so blunt but until then your son will certainly sulk more than anybody should have to. Wish you and him well.