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Re: Some Thanks for Mr. LaMattery

Posted by on May 20, 2006 at 13:24:58

In Reply to: Some Thanks for Mr. LaMattery posted by an SG on May 20, 2006 at 10:06:27:

Dear SG-First I'd like to say thank-you. I have refrained from posting but the bare minimum, but I felt it necessary to clarify some things. First, my tenacity is really focused on forcing TF to come to terms with it's surrounding community- that is why the post to the Village News in Fallbrook and my request that Interfaith Community Services act as mediator. I am pointing out the facts about Hack's property in order to lay the necessary ground work for a "Town Hall" type meeting. Want I want is for the Fam to be forced to come out from the hiddeness of their "100 Year Old" trees and bushes that surround their home and step into the light of the Fallbrook Christian community to deal with the issue of what has happened to some SGAs. I will tenaciously go from church to church until I find one in the Fallbrook area that will act as a mediator at the "Town Hall" meeting.
But none of my effort is about destroying TFI. What I am after is that money and resources available to TFI be spent on treatment and living expense help for some of the SGAs that have left their group. If you read the reply from Interfaith, the director stated that she will make sure that they no longer accept donations from Activated Ministries. This is the crux of the problem- money that should be spent on YOU is diverted to the local Christian community to buy favoratism for Hack and his comrades.
This is really about helping those young adults, like Ricky, like Charles Luis Allen, or the young man who passed last week, to get the help they need- in time, and well before its too late.
Suicide is always an option for sufferers of DID. I am not a pyschologist but I have done my homework. Your last sentence concerns me the most. You must find another option than suicide. I am not saying that you are suicidal. What I know about DID is partly because I suffered with the disorder when my children were abducted. I'm saying that the chances are that anyone who has had any long term experience with TFI is vulnerable to the disorder.
Many people have gotten it wrong about me and what I'm in this for. I'm in it for you. I don't get my kicks from exposing TFI- it's what I will do to get the public attention and help that we need for the hundreds of you who do not have an extended family or network of help.