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Re: In Memory of [DG]

Posted by a family friend on May 22, 2006 at 01:33:44

In Reply to: Re: In Memory of [DG] posted by one who knows loss on May 21, 2006 at 23:17:39:

I heartily agree. Jim should bite his tongue & keep it bit. I happen to know facts relating to the circumstances that Jim is clearly unaware of, but out of respect for the parents and the family I'm going to wait till they're able to deal with their loss, and let them speak if they so choose.

What Jim has done here is amazingly insensitive. He said, "I had plenty of suspicions as to why the overdose" (Suspicions? That's all it takes to blurt out guesses and misinformation?) "I put the pieces of each conversationís puzzle together." (He did detective work to figure out something he knows nothing about.)

Then Jim's suspicions and detective work led him to blame the parents. He became angry wondering where the father was, totally unaware of the family's personal relationships. He even seems to mistakenly assume they are in The Family. Jim said, "I got angry thinking about it. Davidís mother couldnít make it. I was fed-up." (I was fed up when I read about Jim heaping guilt on a grieving mother.)

I am going allow the family to take their time to privately grieve the loss of a brother and son and would advise Jim to let them weep without jumping to any further mistaken conclusions.

Rest in peace, David.