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I am reposting this with Jim LaMattery spelled in full

Posted by Another family friend on May 23, 2006 at 02:44:57

In Reply to: immediate need my ass posted by excog on May 22, 2006 at 23:00:55:

that way his name will be found on Google and he will be connected to his deeds. It's just as important to expose the truth about sickos like Jim LaMattery and warn the unsuspecting public about him.

May the son who died rest in peace. May his family find comfort and know it wasn't their fault. God bless their peace-loving souls. They already know about this outrage but have chosen not to come here to dignify Jim LaMattery's ridiculous insults.

The father is one of the nicest kindest people I ever met, who went to great lengths to help and support his son. He would tell me about the triumphs, like when the son was doing well and was clean, and we would rejoice together. Or he would tell me how he had relapsed, ask for advice and tell me about what he and his wife were doing to help and get help for their son. As one who also knows, their father-son communication far superceded what Jim LaMattery had with his own offspring.

Jim LaMattery is the last person who should talk about other parents and their relationships with their children. His immediate need is to fix what he can, change what he can -- himself -- and stop trying to tell everybody else what to fix. Any armchair pschologist can tell you that he is crying out for help from his own DID, and acting it out on everyone else. Denial is one of the characteristics of his disorder.

excog, you have it spot on, and I will not post anymore, to give the limelight leech Jim LaMattery anymore attention.