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Re: Page on Jim LaMattery

Posted by Windy on June 04, 2006 at 01:50:04

In Reply to: Re: Page on Jim LaMattery posted by orient express on June 04, 2006 at 01:15:24:

Jim is actually my uncle, not my father. My father is John LaMattery Sr.

I thought the article written was both funny and sad. There were a couple errors - the education bit and the book bit. Jim actually wrote "Stealing God" some time prior to Ricky taking his life.

It may be surprising for some on this board as I have always been one of Jim's biggest supporters, but Jim and I are not longer speaking. I've asked him to not contact me and I've blocked his email address.

Jim has lied and deeply hurt myself and my husband (who goes by Rixil on this board) all in the pursuit of the Jim show. I for one have had enough of his blatant disregard for my own feelings and the feelings of the closest people I love.

Jim is currently not welcome in my life or the life of my daughter until he gets with the program. That means gives us a sincere apology and pays us over 10,000 dollars in money he owes my husband for work he did for him (or at least shows a good faith effort that he intends to one day, as he "promised"). Since we all know that neither of these things will ever happen (especially the apology bit), Jim and I will never be close again. Sad, but this is what he himself has chosen to do.

In any case, there is one thing I've learned in all this (and yes, I know you have all been screaming it for a while) - Jim doesn't listen. There is no use in trying to get through to him because he simply does not want to see it any other way. He'll likely read this, cry a little tear, and then give the screen the finger.

That's just how he is ...