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We are 2 different posters - I am not Talking Heads

Posted by Walking Wounded on June 06, 2006 at 12:08:05

In Reply to: Re: Can you refute or confirm all these facts? posted by your talking through your a** on June 06, 2006 at 11:17:01:

I have no idea who Talking Heads is. I simply asked for information about Archipus and Sharon and Talking Heads posted what s/he did. I am simply trying to glean information from that post about Archipus & Sharon. I am trying to gather legal information so I can start legal proceedings against Archipus/Tommy/Richard Smith. I have wanted to do so for 2 decades, but did not know of his whereabouts. I do not know anything about what he has been up to all this time, or I would have come for him/them earlier.

The exact time they spent in certain countries is important, because to document a crime or start a lawsuit there has to be names, places and testimony. Establishing whom they worked under or whom they worked with is also important as this will help verify their whereabouts and responsibilities in the organization. Anything like his town of origin is helpful in identifying him, even deceased Sharon's town of origin.

I don't mean to intrude on anyone else's privacy, but even the info about their children may help in my tracking him down and identifying him. If Archipus/Tommy/Richard Smith has 2 brothers in TF I might be able to track him down through them.

Anything you can help clarify for me is most helpful, if you are willing.

Remember, Talking Heads and I are 2 deifferent people. I only asked you to verify or refute Talking Heads' information so I could get at the facts, minus the innuendo (I agree there was some) and emotional remarks. I am just after the cold clinical facts, because I am serious about legal proceedings. I am serious about getting justice through law enforcement and the courts. I haven't told my story, so I cannot have embellished anything.

Thanks for your advice, but it was off target. I understand where you're coming from, do you understand me? I am still sincerely hoping you will help me possibly in my own healing and for my own peace of mind, by telling me why on earth people seem to think kindly of someone I knew as a cold bitch. Could you tell me how you remember Sharon/Promise?

When exactly did she pass away if not 2002?