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Re: We are 2 different posters - I am not Talking Heads

Posted by Windy on June 06, 2006 at 12:30:41

In Reply to: We are 2 different posters - I am not Talking Heads posted by Walking Wounded on June 06, 2006 at 12:08:05:

I never knew Sharon very well but I was and still am close to a couple of her children. Sharon was always kind to me ... I never had any trouble with her. When we left the family she had Katya and I (and one other girl) over for dinner and to just hang out. She never looked down on me for leaving and she didn't try to "hide" her kids from hanging out with us, she didn't seem to have any problems with me and I never had a problem with her. She welcomed us "worldly" little "systemites" into her home with open arms and I was impressed by that - it was a lot more than I got from other family members who were calling us "junkies" and "whores"

I think that you are well within your rights to pursue those whom you want to pursue. My only caution would be that the her kids might come to this board and reading something like "her third child was from a drunk 'fish'" might be hurtful to that child or her siblings. Reading that you think their mother was a "cold bitch" could also be hurtful. Those children have already had to deal with losing their mother and then a sibling. I think that out of respect for the dead and for the children of Sharon, we should be a little more cautious in how we refer to their mother.