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Re: Upload Directory

Posted by Coordinator on June 06, 2006 at 16:24:38

In Reply to: Upload Directory posted by Thorwald on June 06, 2006 at 16:03:33:

Thanks for your input. It was most welcome.

As these were uploaded by the public, we will have a discussion about those pictures, and put in place some policies regarding picture uploading. Maybe we could edit those pictures for the contributors before they get on the permanent upload directory (that's another directory) so the faces are covered - we've already been doing that for pictures that we publish in our articles.

Apart from 1 picture, most of the children there are grown up and probably unreconizable, and none of them have names attached to them. I understand that isn't the point, but rather the control over one's privacy and images on the internet.

One thing I'd like to point out is the idea that this site is more for FGs isn't really accurate. I understand that moving on is a space for SGs, but this site was intended for all Gs, but ended up having mostly FG conributions as the default. You are not less of a guest here than any FG.

BTW, (this is not a subtle rebuff or something, just an innocent discussion) do you allow FG faces to be published on your site? I remember seeing some, but please ignore the rest of this paragraph if I'm wrong. Whether or not FGs chose to join, many of these people were put out there as a public face, published in magazines and giving interviews for newspapers, etc, while leadership had their faces whited-out. Some of them got into trouble when they were easily identifiable by police. When it comes to faces, we have a policy on exfamily of exposing the leaders but covering the "followers."