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Re: The family

Posted by rocket scientist on June 11, 2006 at 09:50:53

In Reply to: The family posted by Passing By on June 11, 2006 at 08:45:00:

Well now let's see. Is there still coercion? Is there still improper education for many? Does TF still sexualize God and teach that to children? Is it still demanding loyalty to leadership that has a history of pedophilia and other serious forms of child abuse? Do children grow up learning to be loyal to the leadership more than a nuclear family?
Do they have levels of secrecy on the inside that cover doctrines outsiders would not understand and in fact would consider them illegal?
Do they still promote David Berg's teachings and view him as a mentor when he was a pedophile and incested his children?
These are a few questions to answer. I am sure there are many more others would have and if the answer to one of them is YES, then I wouldn't consider any exer to be whiney or unrealistic in their disgust with TFI.
Here's another thought: Why does TF feel a need to point out that things are "worse" outside of the family and in society at large? What? Because they haven't released ricin gas in a subway they are innocuous? Because they don't have a body count like Pol Pot they are innocent?
Why do they compare themselves to the worst in society at large to try and minimize their dysfunction?
There IS a body count and huge collateral damage amongst the many that have walked thru their doors.