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Re: The family

Posted by CB on June 11, 2006 at 21:49:54

In Reply to: The family posted by Passing By on June 11, 2006 at 08:45:00:

TFI is a subculture within the System or society at large, and it is a fairly accurate barometer of what's wrong with the totalitarianism as a world view. I don't know about "just another subculture" among many, though. On a social deviance meter of 1 to 10 (with ten being extremely toxic and destructive), I'd give TFI an 8.

But I may be feeling a bit like you seem to be with the drift of your philosophical question. People like Moonshiner & Mr. Don are very clear about wanting to see TFI come undone and cease to exist. I wish there weren't groups like TFI in the world, but since there are, I'd like to see as many people as possible avoid getting sucked in by such groups or raised in them.

But I am also convinced that there are people who could not exist in any other kind of society than the one they've created in TFI. These folk are stuck, and I think they will die stuck. I favor putting as much external pressure on these folks as necessary to improve the lot of their children and grandchildren.

There are lots of weird, self-proclaimed Christian groups, but I'm not sure how widely they're accepted. I really liked the "Unity of Doctrine" article at As much as TFI likes to bash mainstream Christianity and claim they're some new, improved and more "pure" revelation of Christian truth, they are really a dead vine. My biggest complaint about TFI is that they're little more than paracites feeding on the underbelly of the beast (society, the System) offering the world the spiritual equivalent of snake oil.