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Re: The family

Posted by Passing By on June 11, 2006 at 22:40:33

In Reply to: Re: The family posted by CB on June 11, 2006 at 21:49:54:

Interesting position. I still think that TF is nothing but a fringe group of Christian-like people who developed an environment that allows them to survive. Everybody does that.

In their quest to find perfection they made errors and through a sequence of events they have come up with a Charter that deals with those errors. Everybody does that.

To present things this way and without adding any disclaimers, we are missing quite a bit of what TF is all about. By only sticking to dry facts we are not providing readers or listeners of enough context for them to arrive to the accurate and correct picture.

That has been my point. If there is no contextual information, we could just say that Hitler was simply protecting his country - and nothing else.

That is why cold facts without a context are by their very existence bias.