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Hold the phone

Posted by rocket scientist on June 11, 2006 at 23:19:35

In Reply to: Re: The family posted by Passing By on June 11, 2006 at 22:40:33:

"In their quest to find perfection they made errors and through a sequence of events they have come up with a Charter that deals with those errors. Everybody does that."

Are you kidding me? "In their quest to find perfection"? You mean that when DBERG was molesting his own children and then later children in the family and splitting families apart, turning women out to be hookers "for Jesus", accusing victims of horrible violence as being the cause because of lack of dedication and tithing, and a whole lot more I don't have time to write, that the family was seeking "perfection"? Is that a sociopathic heaven or something?

"To present things this way and without adding any disclaimers, we are missing quite a bit of what TF is all about. By only sticking to dry facts we are not providing readers or listeners of enough context for them to arrive to the accurate and correct picture."

I'd say the youth that have left that were born into "perfection" and the adults that were recruited as youth and who were at the top who left in large number over the years, that ex members probably have the most accurate picture.
It takes a while to get out from under the 'brain cloud' of dysfunctional thinking that occurs in cults.

"That has been my point. If there is no contextual information, we could just say that Hitler was simply protecting his country - and nothing else."

Now you really lost me. It seems in the absence of ability to see ALL the history and current structure of the family you are doing just that, putting TFI as if it were something normal and honorable with 'normal' deviations or deviations that 'aren't as bad' as what occurs in the worst society has to offer. Warren Jeffs is the FBI's most wanted man for leading a cult where child brides are advocated for. He breaks up families and yet I doubt he has done as much crap as the CURRENT leader of the family international has.

Let me ask you, WHAT do YOU think of Karen Zerby being the leader of TFI when she is a known participant in forays into pedophilia and who also encouraged incest?
Is that 'normal' or maybe just a little ahead of her time in the context of society today, do you think? I don't think so.