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Re: the posts I deleted below

Posted by Farmer on August 30, 2006 at 03:12:04

In Reply to: Re: the posts I deleted below posted by Farmer on August 30, 2006 at 00:51:30:

For the limited time being a bit more specific:

what annoys me is, that any post on the exerboard having the slightest "stench" of religiousness (although Buddhism doesn't seem to be troublesome here or other "minor believes"), meaning somewhat Christian gets pretty soon "transponded" to the journey-boards, so that meanwhile all the older members of these boards - especially of Christian faith - are aware of that "danger"...

However I can't remember any incident, where a post got shot to Gen exers Board as being to little spiritual, cause I mean to discuss your "journey"/lifestyle lacking any spirituality, you might as well do that on the GenX board...there is no need in insulting the believers on journeys, how foolish it is to still hold this & that faith/believe...I don't mind atheists/agnostics even on journeys, if they'd have more the habit of asking, listening, portraying simply their assumptions & opinions, whithout giving the immpression, they hold the final key to all wisdom....I don't care if an atheist looks down on me, but why tolerate this behaviour on journeys, when on Gen Exers it's kind of forbidden to rock the boat there...

I am all for the seperation of state & church...if Gen ex is the state, then that be it (Rom 13 , ) )
& I see to it further that I comply to the rules...but when they come to church ; ) , I wouldn't mind if they behaved or out they go as me that's simply fair especially if some
atheistic posters didn't bother to answer one damned question...this is something I hardly see on other Christian boards, at least not persistently among what's their point?
As I hinted at, if this unbalanced handling of the two boards should sustain, then I think I use my time for learning somewhere else & yes, I'd like to be a little witness to some in the world, what you can believe inspite of that dreadful sect & Don & others are a powerful example of that too.It's all meant to say/ask: do you really need to give up faith in...