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The Psychology of Rampant Sexual Freedom Always Leads...

Posted by Professor CLIT Writ on October 02, 2006 at 00:13:39

In Reply to: That was Witty & Brilliant Commentary posted by R.R.I. on September 28, 2006 at 20:36:24:

To greater and greater decadence and desire for SM and violent activity...this has been tested and proven in psychology and in THE FAMILY.

Now, we have within the FAMILY's repression of free thought and endless cultivation of mawkish sentimentality an environment that is nothing less than "bullying by smiles" as I call it; a crunching will-to-power carefully hidden under "loving directives,love revolutions, and acres of romantisized words and abstracted cliches that unskilled writers use to appear wise--yet cunningly use to numb the soul, deaden the cognizent faculties, and leave a human out of touch with their own center--the core of their being.

Now as to Zerby's childhood sex story: We see it everyday and have witnessed it in the playing out of her life and the lives of her children and the history of the CULT.

Here's Zerby's story:

"Look at me daddy. I'm a big girl. No, I'm not naughty. I'm good. I'm gooder than everybody. I will marry a king--like you daddy. A man who scares me--like you have all my life. But with this king, I can be naughty and call it good. Not like with you, daddy, where I am good and you call me naughty.

I will shock you, daddy. Just like you schocked me with spankings, shoutings, and threats in the name of Jesus and God. I will do the same to you in the name of Jesus and God and my new daddy, my king, my lover.

I will remember all the simple stories that I love as a little girl everyday and help (MAKE) people see the same thing in them as I did. Because I AM a good girl--a sinner, sure, but GOOD in hidden ways--only Jesus knows, 'cause He watches me be naughty in secret and only He understands. I will make people understand, if only I get a chance, daddy. I'll show you, daddy. I will."