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10 for all to consider or how?

Posted by Farmer on October 06, 2006 at 04:43:22

In Reply to: To OT2 posted by Coordinator on May 19, 2006 at 16:35:08:

1) Brevity - keep your posts short, to the point and understandable

Granted, my time/duties is/are not always permitting me to read the otherwise very interesting,but lengthy posts of OT2...on the various boards I've been, nobody got banned yet for too lengthy, selfwritten posts!!!Plus, as I argued before, some posts are too short for my liking.

2) Stay in context with the post/thread you are responding to

Oh well, that is almost too evident...everybody adheres to it & everybody breaks that rule every now & then... a rule, which hardly makes a difference in our behaviour (broken by all, all could be banned) is not really a very worthy rule.

3) Avoid lecturing others on what this board/site is for - it is the coordinator's job to ensure posts fall within given criteria - avoid lecturing, period!

Well, on a Christian board you could lecture what you perceive to be the truth...on an engineering-board you could lecture about some application, which someone totally misunderstood...but may be lecturing is not wanted here...directly...but I argued happened all the people of all walks of life(faith/perspectives)...

4) Be more accepting of other people's stated opinions - do not invalidate them or try tell them what they really mean to say

Ok here...when OT2 was frustrated about question's oneliners (or more??) he made a critical comment: I don't value your opinion...critical for many...but in the absolute sense???

I can value a gold watch today & tommorrow it means nothing to me...I can value the view of a sunset & tommorrow I might be to busy viewing it or too troubled within, to appreciate it etc.

Values are not necessarily eternal constants over every nth part of time of our life....part of journeys...why measure then words/expressions of posters with the could also mean: at the moment, the way you present yourself, I am not paying much attention to you or in other words, at the moment I am not valueing your opinion.Isn't that the truth for about anyone here?Sorry, how hypocritical can we get???

5) Be patient with people who say they do not understand you

People are smart enough here to understand OT2...
I have the feeling, that he sometimes get's the impression, people don't want to admit to some
evidence, the way he sees it...that some play the "dumb" or are not even answering

6) Do not be condescending to people who disagree with you or fail to understand you

Well, we had others with that problem too.

I could interpret question as saying/thinking, that I am not smart enough to get the points in OT2's post, he/she thinks are obviously outrageous.

7) No personal attacks or counter-attacks as a response, when things are being politely pointed out to you about yourself

All right, some people have been very doubt & if I recall right, OT2 has apologised to MG e.g.

8) Stop making an issue out of intelligence vs stupidity - exhausted recurring themes in your interactions with others

A better way of starting to see the other better, is naturally to see myself as being very stupid (Among my colleagues I make fun of my own errors plenty...nobody seems to mind that ; )....but the point is...everybody is stupid once in awhile, why not admitting it?)...welcoming other peoples good criticism (emphasis on good...some criticism is plainly stupid...sorry...but one is taught to be polite enough to avoid saying it in a too direct manner...saving the other person's face & feelings...but always? that the mentioned PC?

9) Stop making an issue out of maturity vs immaturity - another recurring theme used for badgering others in your posts

I made it once at least a point, because I do feel, either that dream of that "united board" comes true, by some maturity on all sides or it will fail, but not all because of the lacks on the side of the maturity can really become a point...if you remember soap-box...that wasn't the needed maturity either...although I didn't think, it was all a desaster.

10) Try to actually listen to what other people are saying rather than dissect their words, grammar, punctuation, 1st 2nd person phrasing, search for faults, etc for a counter-attack. We encourage a genuine exchange of ideas, not just debate for the sake of debating.

Rarely, that I saw him doing that, but it seems, that others jump on the occassion here and there too...& that brings me to some final point: we wouldn't want to draw the conclusion, that after so many years of exchanges, there is the slight
chance, that the oversight of the boards is showing signs of bias, preference or prejudice.
It's only lately, that I saw OT2's concern & illfeelings having some justification much as I fail to see the c l e a r evidence for the banning this reminds me a bit of my schooldays, where the bad guys/clowns got singled out more than justified & others got away with much, because it's also a strain on teachers to correct a bunch of kids & it seems tough, to be always fair...

But my question is: what about being a bit more lenient & letting the people handle it?Why are other boards "surviving"it, without always having
to cry foul & for the arbiter?...for if you step in at a certain situation, you have to do it at a similar one again...I do think, there are certain nonos...signs of not tolerable misbehaviour, but the ten above are not really all my favourites either...
On the other hand, I wouldn't want to be the arbiter either (too much trouble)...I'd figure(a bit lazy the attitude...may be)...let them handle it & it will smoothen with time...hopefully...#

The point is, the board is read by many & may be a lot more should protest, if something is unfair & bad communication!?