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Re: WS short of money?

Posted by excog on December 27, 2006 at 11:56:40

In Reply to: WS short of money? posted by Jubilant on December 27, 2006 at 11:43:06:

I am always amazed at the capacity to believe what these liars-for-life publish.

Hello? These are the people who have been lying their asses off in just about anything they have put out there.

They cry misery, and keep asking you to give. it is an old tactic that has been used by Berg since the very beginning. I had become allergic to yet the umpteenth gimme gimme letter sent around.

I would not take what is written there any more seriously than the prophecies from the dead, the law of love, or the lies they have spread about people they have abused and driven to suicide.

On top of that, a percentage - 40% - means nothing if you don't have a raw score. Have any of us ever seen real figures or share-the-knows? Ever known how much their overhead was at any time and how that has changed during the years?

As long as the answer is no, I would caution anybody who believes any of this drivel. Even if they are not doing as well as before (I would hope so) there are no details as to what they have or keep anywhere, for themselves, and what their present total assets are.