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Re: Why Our Aploogy is Slow in Coming

Posted by excog on September 25, 2007 at 17:44:36

In Reply to: Re: Why Our Aploogy is Slow in Coming posted by Pangea on September 24, 2007 at 21:58:58:

Seems to me you are still in the typical post-cult fog that can last a long time. When things are still so unclear, apologies do not mean much. An apology is the fruit of long and painful soul searching and understanding of much that transpired and what we did to contribute to it in situations that greatly harmed others.

There is no sense in rushing an apology. If your intent is to clear the stuff on the Internet, the best way to deal with that is to engage in the soul searching that will help you understand what it is you may apologize for that put your names out there to start with.

I don't know why your wife lost her job but I am sure there are other jobs or things she can do. Many of us have had to face such situations, and I can think of a very brave person who has given much to cult awareness putting so much time into activism in many different ways. She lost her job because she went on national TV talking about her past as an SGA. She did not curl up and die, she kept going. There are consequences, you know. There have been for many of us out here. We all deal - you can, too.

In the meantime, take this not just as a crisis (your data out on the Internet about your past) but as an opportunity to become a better person. There may be people whose lives you have hurt that need to hear from you.

If I may ask,

-How long ago have you 'left?'

If I may suggest,

-Don't feel bad even about the $50 or $100 you have been sending - STOP sending even that!

-Is your name affiliated with FCF in any way? A good way to clear yourself is to stop your affiliations with that as well. That stuff is on the Internet as well. It may look 'good' but we know it is a scam. Would you still want any of that in your life?

Wishing you and yours peace and understanding.