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Re: What are you saying?

Posted by Farmer on September 27, 2007 at 15:29:52

In Reply to: Re: What are you saying? posted by Thinker on September 27, 2007 at 12:28:43:

What am I saying...well, I spell it out for you, but in a way you give yourselve the answers...needed IMO.With SGAs I was foremost having people like hm and abused in mind, though really thinking, that it could include a whole lot more...we are aware of it, that many, many of them suffered, albeit not all to the same degree & even that would be very hard to compare (By the way in foreign politics of Germany it has become a "nono" to compare the suffering of the German people who were expelled of their homelands during and shortly after the world war 2with the suffering inflicted f i r s t on very innocent people...although I think both the sufferings can be adressed)but they suffered & now I like to know, how many of us suffered nearly as much abuse within TF than them?And whilst that is a "nono" for me to compare, I alsoadd, we were older & therefore more accountable in the first place.Children trust olders & their parents, why else would so many kids be abducted by creepy uncles etc.

If you were very hurt by them, please do cry out, I didn't intend to hinder you or others either can I or should I (free speech) I reserve myself the right to ask, whether that makes much sense.

They're trying to pull their head out of the s.hit
& here we go to say...oh it's not clean enough yet....I agree, that the sample of watchman was a bit off for more than one reason...simply the researcher should have looked for SGAs being hurt....that's what it boiled down to me mostly...please correct me excog, but while I think watchman is a real sample in many ways, then still I don't know much about him & wether he had some "fondling"skeleton in his wardrobe...
just remember how "weak" musicians/artists were especially in that regard...

Pardon me, if I resort to hyperbole, parables and the like I am familiar with I can dig up Aesop may be for a change also I have a penchant for the southasian world of thought...all too religious...cause I might also find somethin in the Koran...give me some time then...although I find that a bit too sensitive for my liking, because we know what Imeant & that the kettle shouldn't call the pot black...

Could very well be, like I said, that the confession/apology as it appeared here is just the beginning...I wouldn't be surprised.But do you realise, how hard it is to confess after all these years, how off you were.Personally I find it shamefull, if someone doesn't get the encouragement to open up further & get rid of the
poisenous stuff.My record in TF regarding SGAs is pretty much like I could lean back or leap forward on all the assholes....but you know what...if you have any faith left (not?) then let the Word tell you, that those whoe have broken the law in one regard they have broken the whole I'd say from that point, I won't say...oh but I have only lied...I have only stolenn..that one over there has k i l l e d bastard you retard...just insert whatever you's farmer's theatre night...
but I guess you know what I mean...

I f you don't have any faith left, well, then let's discuss at sometime....& I already addressed that problem....why is there a need for morality???

I have bought a book some time ago by a German prof of applied philisophy Kurt Bayertz University of Münster : "why having morals (or why being morally)" Haven't read it yet the references are to Platon e.g. you'd prefer such frame of morality???We should have something (a procedure) to "transvert" our moral codes & used to be the Bible...if you have please a better idea (for my own use I will continue to prefer the Bible)

Probably lots of mistakes in my post...little time...sorry everyone.