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Re: Another nagging question

Posted by Jo anne on September 28, 2007 at 17:26:26

In Reply to: Re: Another nagging question posted by Thinker on September 28, 2007 at 12:45:11:

I am the 6th child. Yes, my older siblings went through a bit more than me, but I was there too and had my fair share.(born in the late 70's) Nowhere did we say our enviornmnet was incestual. I can guarantee that never happened with our father.

It discusts me that you would ask how I present my views on sex to my children. I left as soon as I turned 18. You make it seem like we have all left but somehow still adhere to TF mentality, just because of the "wording" in their apology.

I am interested to know if there is one other family out there who had this many kids in TF with EVERY one out and all united for one cause, moving on. EVEY ONE of my siblings will testify to my parents sincerity and complete distain for TF, and will stand behind them come what may. I know they are fully aware of their sin's are not still in denial. Just because they don't specifically address every issue with all on this forum, doesn't mean they are not willing to go there.
It didn't take leaving TF to know that I would do things differently for my children. I had my first in TF and at that time disagreed with their beliefs, as did my older siblings before they left.

Coping: In my mind when I hear "cope" I think it means dealing with a disabilty. I just don't see us that way. Everyone is doing so well, and is very grounded. Some have degree's, other's run their own businesses or have good employment. We get together very often and enjoy eachothers company and support.

Not one has turned a blind eye or is trying to minimize the truth of the past. We are just looking to our future now and moving on.

As far as lasting affects? It is differnet for everyone. My brothers seem to rarely go there. They have integrated very well and I commend them. They girls may be a bit more emotional about it at times. I think TF was harder on women. I know that it is something I will deal with all my life. Last night I read "Not without my sister" That was a fun little blast from the past.
But on the whole, I think we all look out for each other and do what we can to keep things positive when needed.