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Your parents' testimony

Posted by Thinker on September 28, 2007 at 19:12:51

In Reply to: Re: Another nagging question posted by Jo anne on September 28, 2007 at 17:26:26:

Thanks for sharing what you did. I mean no insult to you, the children, or even your parents for the matter. I am just scrutinizing the whole thing and shooting from the hip. I don't doubt that your parents care for you, or haven't realized they were wrong. What I do notice is what is sorely missing from what they have communicated so far. It might be because they can't help it.

And I wasn't asking about you. I meant your parents. THEY said they raised their own children in an incestual envirnoment.

Taken from the Lord Justice Ward document:

(b) In "The Blessings of Older Children" written in about 1981 Seek and Secundus observed that they had not heard many testimonies from other families about how fast their kids were maturing, but would be very interested to hear more. Their eldest were Jason 9, Shera 8 and Summer 6. They wrote:-

"Jason, Shera and Summer have quite a little love triangle going and have been teaching us a lot about sharing and being unselfish. One night I knew Shera was looking forward to being with Jason, but he was with Summer. I asked Shera about it and she said that Summer was a little discouraged and Jason was trying to cheer her up before he came to bed with her....Jason was so in love with one sister while we were in Finland and really went through trials when he knew a particular older brother was sleeping with her....We really don't encourage or discourage the children about sex but we like to talk to them about what they are experiencing. It really isn't a joke for them, but comes very naturally and matter of factly, and they don't hesitate to share with us without even a flush. We don't know how much flesh brothers and sisters can share when they are older? But we want to share our experiences and are interested in the experiences of others in the family."

(see )

Are you saying this never happened?

"I am interested to know if there is one other family out there who had this many kids in TF with EVERY one out and all united for one cause, moving on."

That would describe my family, and I know of several. When you use hyerbolic rhetoric it can backfire. It's all very good you hace it good, but telling us how good your family has it has nothing to with most of the issues we're bringing up.

"Just because they don't specifically address every issue with all on this forum, doesn't mean they are not willing to go there."

What issues are they willing to address on this forum then, and how deeply? And where would they rather address the rest of the issues they won't address here? And have they even tried to set up an avenue (an accesible format where their victims can find them) for addressing these issues?

"Not one has turned a blind eye or is trying to minimize the truth of the past. We are just looking to our future now and moving on."

One could get another impression from things they've written. Not necessarily about turning a blind eye, but being quite foggy-eyed, maybe because they only left in 2000 and are not in a place where they can see very clearly yet.