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Re: Help part2

Posted by CB on October 15, 2007 at 21:14:13

In Reply to: Re: Help part2 posted by seeker on October 15, 2007 at 19:38:06:

The "sex with Jesus thing" is just what it purports to be in the series that Karen Zerby (Queen Maria, the Family's leader) wrote on the subject. Have you read the original series? A link to the original teaching is located at:

Also, check out the link to "Loving Jesus Jewels" on that webpage if you want a quicker trip to puke city than Zerby's 7 part treatise. TF's literature wears down your common sense and discernment through pages and pages of repetition. Once you read this crap for yourself, you won't need someone else's research. Although TF claims Loving Jesus is an expression of bridal mysticism, it is anything but that. The bridal mystics practiced a very high standard of personal chastity.

A very good website with Biblically-based research on Family doctrine is If you're looking for sound theological arguments against Family doctrine, that's the best place I know.

However, I'm not sure logical, Biblically-based arguments are necessarily sufficient. You can appeal to her mind, but your girlfriend has a tremendous emotional attachment to TF that overrides logical arguments. The spiritual bondage of fear and guilt perpetrated by TF over its disciples is extremely powerful. It's very similar to what goes on in families with domestic violence and alcoholism. There's a great deal of psychological and spiritual abuse in TF that people accept as "normal" and never question. (If "Loving Jesus" isn't spiritually abusive, I don't know what is.)

Ultimately, she will need to find a place within herself that she can trust and listen to as the voice of God. It probably wouldn't hurt to expose her to a body of believers where she gets a different message about hearing from God than the one TF puts out.

Another place you might go for advice is